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Lifetime licence

$199 $227

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One-time purchase. Lifetime access!



256 animations

Pro (All prices in USD)


941 animations

$97/year (save 10%)

941 animations

All plans include:

an animated svg file icon
Original SVG files

When you copy or download Loaf icons, you get the original SVG file.

an animated mouse icon
Icon editor

The intuitive Loaf editor, made specifically for Loaf icons.

an animated ribbon icon
Ongoing support

No big corporation here! You'll get personal support from the founder :)

an animated heart icon
New features and icons

The better Loaf gets, the more value you get!

an animated laptop icon
Windows/macOS support

Apps for both macOS and Windows!

Frequently asked questions

What is Loaf?

An animated SVG icon editor with an inbuilt premium icon library.


Yes! You have a 14 day, no-question-asked refund. Just email me at using the email you used to purchase Loaf.

How do I use Loaf?

The app itself doesn't need a tutorial. It's very easy to use. In terms of using the animated SVG icons in your project, that's up to you. You can inline them or add them as assets to your project. Do whatever you like!

Team licences/multiple seats/etc?

Not at the moment. 1 licence per user. Team licencing is something I'll add in future depending on demand.

What is technical support like?

Good! Loaf is just me so I'll get to you as soon as I can :) I typically respond in a day or two. Email or send me a tweet!

Why create Loaf?

I reckon there's a gap in the market. Animated SVG icons just make sense, but they are hard to create. Loaf is a utility app really, making it delightfully easy to edit animated SVG icons just the way you like them :)

What is browser support like?

The icons generated by Loaf work in all modern web browsers. This includes Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported. In Internet Explorer, the icon will display its first frame and will not animate.

What happens if I change computers?

Send me an email ( using the email you used to buy your licence and I can help you out.

Do I need to provide attribution?

No attribution required. But if you could tell your friends about Loaf that would be nice ;)

What is the licence?

It's for the icon editor alone. You can use the icons in personal and commercial projects as much as you like. You can not sell or redistribute the icons.

I have more questions!

Shoot me an email ( or send me a tweet and I'll respond ASAP.

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