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Privacy Policy

Updated 30 Nov 2020

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

This privacy policy outlines how your data is used and how your privacy is impacted. At any point if you have questions, need clarification or want additional information please email hello@getloaf.io.


These are the services used which obtain information about you:

  • FastSpring. This platform used for processing payments and obtaining a licence key to activate Loaf Pro. If you use the Free version of Loaf this is not applicable to you.
  • Google Analytics. This is used to track your usage of the Loaf website (https://www.getloaf.io/).
  • Google Tag Manager. This is specifically used to track clicks on the Download links on the homepage of https://www.getloaf.io/.
  • Gmail. This is used when providing customer support.
  • Mailchimp. If you sign up to the option email update newsletter or have opted-in to receive emails you may receive period updates.

Third parties / Additional parties

Your personal data will not be sold to third parties. Your data will not be shared with third parties unless required to by law.

Breaches of data

While all precautions are taken to protect your data, it is unreasonable to expect perfect security while using services provided via the internet. If any breaches do occur of the above mentioned services, you will be notified as to how you may have been impacted.

Incorrect data

If your data is incorrect and needs to be updated please email hello@getloaf.io with the specifics and this will be rectified.

Access to your data and erasing your data

  • If you want a copy of your data, email hello@getloaf.io. A copy of identification will be required in order to verify your identity. This is free of charge. You can request this information at reasonable intervals. For example, if you request this information every single day, these daily requests will not be met as that does not represent a reasonable interval. There is no guarantee of the timeframe of when the data will be provided to you but will be done within a reasonable timeframe.
  • If you want your data to be erased, email hello@getloaf.io. This process requires you to provide evidence of your identity by providing documents of the same. Also be advised that when your data is deleted, Loaf provides no guarantees that you will be able to continue using the Loaf product/application. This will be clearly communicated during the process of erasing your data. For example, to use Loaf Pro we need to know if you have a valid licence key. If we remove all reference to your identity and licence key, this task becomes impossible and you will no longer have access to this feature. This is just one example of how your ability to use Loaf may be impacted.

Updates to Privacy

When this privacy policy is updated in a way that impacts customers, all customers will be notified and this statement will be appropriately updated to reflect any changes. Additional channels of communication may also be used to communicate this change such as social media.

Contact for further question

If you have any further questions at all, please email hello@getloaf.io with any queries you may have.



Email: hello@getloaf.io