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Animated SVG icons that you'll love to use

Loaf takes the hassle out of manually creating SVG animations.

free animated svg icon editor

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Why Loaf?

It makes animated icons as
easy as copy and paste

Have you always avoided vector animation? Maybe because SVG animations are difficult to make? Well not any longer!

SVG animations

At its core, Loaf is a huge range of SVG animations. The goal is to have enough icons that Loaf will always have what you need.

Smart search

Instant search wasn't enough, Loaf has an intelligent tagging system which makes it super easy to find the icon you want.

Intuitive UI

No pixel has been left unturned. Using Loaf is a breeze and anyone can learn how to use it within seconds!


Every single icon has prefers-reduced-motion: reduce built-in which removes the animation but not the icon.


Office pack

26 animations added to Loaf with this release! Download or open Loaf today to get the latest SVG animations!

a cool looking woman sitting on a couch looking at her laptop


Space pack

10 animations added to Loaf with this release! Download or open Loaf today to get the latest SVG animations!

Download for free!

How does Loaf work?

The easy way to use animated SVGs

Rather than manually drawing and animating SVGs by hand, find the
icon you want and customise it to your liking.

free animated svg icon editor

Simple controls, infinite possibilities

The user interface of Loaf is focused on bringing the best aspects of SVG to light. With only a few controls, you can create any icon that will suit your brand.

New shadow icon style!

Just the way you like it

Line. Block. Single tone. Duo tone. There are millions of colour combinations to choose from.
Making Loaf icons your own requires only your imagination (or maybe your brand palette!)

Your favourite code editor loves SVG. Really.

Instantly place the current SVG icon into your clipboard with one click. Then paste it into your favourite code editor (emacs I'm sure) and it really is that seamless.

free animated svg icon editor
free animated svg icon editor

Buttery smooth smoothness

I can't stand lag. And that's why every time I sense a delay, optimisations are prioritised. And that's just the app!

Every SVG path and line of CSS has been hand drawn and hand written to minimise unnecessary rendering and browser memory usage.

Zhoosh up my website with some sweet animated icons!

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This is great


At last! Someone thought (and did) it! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™


Much love and respect Philip. The web needs people like you.


I used a lot of your icons and it's fantastic

Matthieu V

Love your new app!


Hey. Your project is awesome. Looking forward to see more icons on it ! :)


Crazy amount of work in there, seriously good job. It works great, all very quick and smooth.


a beautiful site and love the tool!

Brian C

Great blog and amazing app. Keep it up!

Adriaan R

Finally got to use this in a project, they were great. Thanks for the awesome work.

Jahred H

It's been really helpful for me to help make my webpages and apps look stunning!

Tim K

It's an awesome program.


Think you're definitely hitting a gap with animated SVG icons.. couldn't find any for the life of me until I saw you on PH. This is great


Thank you very much for your time and for creating this nice tool.

Andrew E

Nice work on the animated svg app! I've been wondering why more of these don't exist. :)

Kamil S

Just playing around with this today and it is awesome :) - thanks for your work! Keep it up.

Derek L

Thank you for making this cool software!


This is dope!

David C

Super cool! :D

Kristian G

Its quick and easy to use!!

Paul W

so useful :)

Mahdi R

This is really cool! I'm obsessed with animated SVG right now... ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Dustin M

THX for the great work!

Vitus P

This is really cool!

David K

This looks awesome. Great work!


It's clean and really simple to use.

Byron W


an image of the founder of loaf working at his desk

An icon designer in
his natural habitat ๐Ÿ˜€

Hello friend!

My name is Philip. I'm a web designer and Loaf is my passion project!

For over a year I've been hard at work creating hundreds of premium animated icons and a tool that lets you easily customise them.

In the hands of a good web designer, animation is a powerful tool that can really elevate the projects you are working on. This is exactly what Loaf is for. It's an app which makes it super easy to edit and adjust animated SVG icons.

SVG and CSS are just the greatest so if you want to have a chat, don't be shy! Shoot me an email (hello@getloaf.io) or let's chat on Twitter!

See ya around! ๐Ÿ‘‹



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