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a heart svg image

There it is. Go on, download the heart SVG. Free to use, no strings attached. Personal, commercial, put it on a billboard, do whatever you like!

“A heart SVG? Booo, I want a PNG!” OK sure thing, click here to download a Heart PNG image. BUT you will miss out on the amazing benefits that SVG provides…

Heart SVG examples

a heart svg image a heart svg image a heart svg image

With a simple change in your design tool of choice (I personally use Figma), you can make the SVG heart icon look exactly as you want it to look. Changing things like the stroke, colour and size takes just a second. Also, no matter what size you make the heart, the SVG will scale beautifully and won’t give you any weird blurry edges.

Animated heart SVG

Oh, I’m sorry, did you think that was all SVG could do? How about combining SVG with CSS to get an amazing heart icon like the above?

The beauty of SVG is just how flexible it is. The level of customisation and flexibility it provides is unreal. Animating SVG can be difficult however, you need to have a blend of technical know-how when it comes to front-end technologies, and also a keen eye for design and animation. There are some amazing tools that you can use to animated SVGs like SVGator, however sometimes that can be difficult because of all the setup required. A tool which has a large range of pre-built animated SVGs like Loaf can really help speed up your workflow.

The power of animated SVG icons

The world really is your oyster when you learn how to use the power of SVG. A simple icon or a complex vector illustration can become an intriguing, thought-provoking animation that visitors to your site will get hooked by. Definitely take a moment to explore the power of animated icons and animated vectors when it comes to designing your website.

That’s all for today, hope this has helped you in some way!

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